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Afinmex™ Wall Hooks

Afinmex™ Wall Hooks

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Brand Name: Afinmex

Main Features

Punch-free Installation.The hook comes with strong glue, just tear off the protective film and paste it. The installation steps are simple and easy to remove without leaving traces.


Strong Stickiness.The glue is very viscous and will not weaken even when exposed to water. Therefore, it is very durable when installed in humid environments such as bathrooms.


Strong Bearing.The strong load-bearing hook can be used to hang objects of various sizes, so it can be used in various places in the home.


Multi-scene Use.They are suitable for installation in various places such as kitchen, bathroom, closet, or behind the door.



1--Please clean the wall firstly,

2--Stick the product to you wall, let it stand without any articles with 12hours.

3--After stand still 12hours, you can hang the articles to it.

Simple and stylish non-marking hook, strong stickiness, and more hanging. The transparent appearance makes it suitable for various decoration styles. In short, it is practical and beautiful.

Package Included:

Bathroom Hanger×1




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