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Afinmex™ Waterproof anti leakage agent

Afinmex™ Waterproof anti leakage agent

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Uses: Repair various water leakage problems


1. A powerful sealant that effectively seals most surfaces instantly with any material.
2. We are pleased to offer you a product that seals and repairs cracked surfaces easily and instantly.
3. Sealant Superglue is an advanced sealant that effectively seals and repairs damaged surfaces. It is a paintable water-based sealant that can be used to waterproof a variety of surfaces.
4. It provides good toughness but a flexible protective layer to the applied surface. It is leak-proof and can be used on wet surfaces with high bond strength. It is transparent and has a non-yellowing substance.

5. Has a strong adhesion, can be easily and quickly bonded to most surfaces to be subjected to, especially useful in situations where protection is required. It applies instantly and provides the protection you need. It is durable and permanent. It is suitable for sealing seams, crevices and leaks and can be used on all building materials. It can be applied to painted and unpainted surfaces.

Easy To Apply:
All you have to do is "brush" the desired surface with glue, and you are done! It immediately and effectively seals pipeline leaks on walls, ceilings, roofs, window sills, etc.


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