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Afinmex™ Refillable Vacuum Bottle Press

Afinmex™ Refillable Vacuum Bottle Press

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15/30/50ml Portable Refillable Vacuum Bottle Press Liquid Foundation Lotion Eye Cream Travel Empty Bottle Cosmetic Container

Mini portable, a handy tool for traveling. Suitable for holding foundation liquid, essence.

Airless design, air does not enter cosmetics. Safety and health, reusable.

There is no tube for this product. When using, you only need to fill the bottle with liquid or push the bottom to let the liquid rise to the mouth of the bottle, and the bottom plate will rise every time you use it. The chassis rises, squeezes cleanly, no cosmetics remain on the bottle. Reusable, after use, drag the chassis to the bottom to use it again.

Fill it as much as possible, and the short tube to the pump head can touch the surface of the liquid, and you can press it out directly. If you are really not satisfied with it, you have to fill it up to more than half, and then press it upside down when you use it.



Material: Plastic

Color: Transparent White

Size: As shown in the picture

Capacity: 15ml, 30ml, 50ml

Quantity: 1PC

Packaging includes: 1PC Travel Bottle



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