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Afinmex™ Hand Rehabilitation Gloves

Afinmex™ Hand Rehabilitation Gloves

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Key statement

  1. This machine is a charging model and needs to be charged for 3 hours after receiving it. During charging, the machine will display a flashing "CH" status, and when fully charged, the "CH" will no longer flash. At this point, the charging wire can be unplugged and normal use can begin

    2. Although we sell training gloves for one pair of hands, this is only for patients who need training for both hands and does not represent this style


1. New portable style with portable belt
The training host can be placed in the belt and hung at the waist, which is convenient for going out, carrying and occupying no space.
2. Mirror training
Mirror gloves improve efficiency, and mirror mode promotes brain function remodeling
Mirror the glove and move synchronously.
Open your hands and train your hands. The open action can be executed synchronously.
The bending position catches
Firmly imitate your hands and train your hands. Be able to do fist movements synchronously.

3. Simple operation
One-click open operation is easy for the elderly to master. You can start training from five fingers, single finger, opposite finger, multiple fingers, mirror image, etc.
4. Adjustable air valve
Independent air valve for finger training
Each finger can have targeted training
5. Five-gear FM, strong power
Powerful high-power air pump ensures continuous output, stable operation and sufficient power.






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