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Afinmex™ Posture corrector

Afinmex™ Posture corrector

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Posture Corrector and Trainer: It's a intelligent strapless posture corrector, you could place it onto your upper back. It reminds you sit or stand straight up with a real-time gentle vibration reminder.
Vibrating reminder: This is a new type of back posture corrector, you can adjust your posture and wear it, when the curve of your back exceeds 25° there will be an instant vibration alert, until you straighten your back the vibration will stop, this is the most simple, effective and natural way to improve your posture in as little as 2 weeks, so you can look healthier and more elegant.
Monitor Your Spine Status: This smart posture corrector could monitor your spine, if you get slouch, it will vibrate to remind you to get straight up.
Smart Count: The back brace contains an LCD display that counts 1 time when your hunchback is reminded by the vibration.
Reliable Choice: Use this posture corrector in quite simple way, no accessories needed, no continuous expenditure. Environmentally Friendly as well. If you have any question while use, please feel free to contact us.


Material: ABS silica gel
Charging: USB charging

Charging Voltage: 5V

Rated Power: 0.6w

Working Current: 0.12A

Size: 124.7*119*138mm
Weight: 70g











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