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Afinmex™ Nail Brush Cleaning S

Afinmex™ Nail Brush Cleaning S

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• Multifunction :Multi-function washing box cleaning and drying 3-in-1.The Egg Makeup Brush washes effortlessly and cleanses like new.

• Firm :The mesh structure can hold multiple brushes of different specifications.

• Large capacity :Clean and carefree, care for the bristles, professional scrubbing 0 residue.

• Three-dimensional texture :All-round cleaning.Zoned high-density silicone dots with multiple lines for easy cleaning of the bristles.

Features: Non-slip cup bottom,High temperature and low temperature resistance,Very large caliber,Car cup holders are suitable

Specifications:  Size : 14*14*8.5 CM

                           Material : TPR+PP

                           Weight : 248 Grams

                           Packing : OPP Bag



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