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Afinmex™ Smart Music Boxing

Afinmex™ Smart Music Boxing

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  • Challenging and Enjoyable: The boxing training punching equipment features built-in background music, allowing users to punch along with the lights and music for a challenging and fun workout experience.

  • Multi-Purpose and Interactive: The smart boxing game uses skin-friendly materials, enabling users to freely throw punches while following the rhythm of the music. It not only enhances reaction abilities but also promotes mental and physical fitness, serves as a stress-relief outlet, and facilitates family bonding through interactive play.

  • Interactive and Stimulating: The wall mounted boxing machine incorporates intelligent sensing technology, adjustable modes, RGB light rhythm, and sound feedback upon impact. Randomly moving flashing points add an element of excitement and contribute to improving reaction capabilities, making the training session enjoyable and engaging.

  • Convenient and Secure Installation: The boxing target workout machine is easy to install, thanks to its adhesive backing and wide adhesive straps with strong adhesion. It can be adjusted or securely fixed in place, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use, utilizing available wall space effectively.

  • Versatile and Adjustable: The music boxing machine allows for freedom in adjusting the punching speed and responsiveness of the lights, providing a customizable experience. The punching module is designed to withstand powerful strikes, ensuring durability and reliability.

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