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Afinmex™ Professional HD Telescope

Afinmex™ Professional HD Telescope

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  • Prism material: BAK4

  • Colour: Black

  • Amplification power: 40 times

  • Objective lens diameter: 52 mm

  • Eyepiece diameter: 22 mm

  • Antenna coating: FMC multi-layer enhanced green film

  • Eyepiece coating: MC green film

  • Size: 150*52mm

  • Net weight: 250g


  • Large eyepiece HD

  • Metal frame

  • Rotary goggles

  • Ultra wide angle, standard hand size

  • Package does not include tripod

Accessories: •1×Telescope

•1×Cleaning cloth

•1×Small bag

•1×Chinese and English brochures








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