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Afinmex™ Multifunction Electric Meat Grinder 5L

Afinmex™ Multifunction Electric Meat Grinder 5L

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• 1. stainless steel compact fuselage design, beautiful, easy to clean and operate.

• 2. Durable metal to metal drive coupling system

• 3. Stainless steel double blade and anti-skid rubber pad

• .4. High/low speed selection, suitable for many different ingredients.

• 5. Suitable for: meat, fruit, peanuts, walnuts, beans, etc



• Material: Stainless steel

• Capacity: 5L

• Rated power: 300W

• Rated voltage: 220V

• Rated frequency: 50 Hz

• Speed: about 6000-22000 rpm

• Blade: Stainless steel double blade

• Speed: High/Low 2 speeds


Suitable for restaurant, hotel, canteen, and butcher.

Simple operation, low noise. Very easy to dismantle and clean.

Four blades, slow and fast speed to meed your mincing needs.

High-speed pure steel motor with overheat protection. stainless steel blade.














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