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Afinmex™ Kitchen Food Storage Box
Afinmex™ Kitchen Food Storage Box
Afinmex™ Kitchen Food Storage Box

Afinmex™ Kitchen Food Storage Box

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Product name: fruit fresh-keeping box

Product color: red, brown, green, yellow

Product size: about 125 * 125 * 25mm

Product material: film ABS

Product features: safe material, sealed and fresh, suitable for storing half-cut fruits and vegetables


1. It carries all kinds of delicious food, is portable and safe. With it, it can lock the taste of fruits and vegetables, make the cut fruits and vegetables easier to save, open and use, and enjoy a good meal time.

2. The film telescopic design can firmly fix the half-cut fruit to avoid contact with in the air and ensure food safety.

3. A variety of shapes are optional. The shape is simple, and the combination of high beauty is safe and beautiful. The unique shape design is different.

4. It is convenient to wash and can be recycled, which is more environmentally friendly and comfortable.It is small and does not occupy an area, and the refrigerator does not have any smell, and it is not afraid of cold storage, and clean storage creates a clean space.

5. It is convenient to use. Once everything is covered and screwed, you can easily lock the delicious food and keep it fresh.

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1 * box


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