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AFINMEX™ Kitchen Aid Accessories.Measuring Cup

AFINMEX™ Kitchen Aid Accessories.Measuring Cup

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 Excellent creative batter dispenser, even if no more experienced rookie, will make you a cake maker, baker.

It only takes 3 simple steps to complete the morning white-collar cake. Clean, nutritious, and creative cake of your own. Can also bring to colleagues, boyfriend to show off. Hey ~~~~~

1) Add the prepared batter

2) Inject the same volume of batter into each cake mold

3) Put the cake film in a baking box or a thin oven.

Simple, buy one, try it.

1. This is the latest batter dispenser;

2. When you are making cakes, pancakes, waffles, and other batter foods, it is the most effective helper, allowing you to easily control the amount;

3. Easy to operate, you can dispense batter smoothly by just holding the handle lightly;

4.durable structure, easy to clean;

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