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Afinmex™ Christmas electric musical hip Santa Claus

Afinmex™ Christmas electric musical hip Santa Claus

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Beads climbing Santa Claus music electric doll rope climbing Christmas gifts Christmas decorations cross border



Electric single ladder Santa Claus

Size: the size of the ladder is about 66cm, and the height of the elderly is about 19cm

Weight: 300g (including color box), package size of color box: 26 * 10 * 11cm. Double ladder 22 * 12 * 11 weight 384g (including color box)

Box gauge: 62 * 47.5 * 54CM, 48 pieces per box

Electric Ball Climbing Old Man

Size: 12.5 * 13 * 21CM bead string length: 1m

Weight: 260g (including color box)

Package: color box size 22 * 11.5 * 10CM

Box gauge: 60 * 51 * 45cm, 50 pieces per box

Deer Pulling Cart

Size of single product: 9.5CM * 19CM * 29CM, weight of single product including color box is about 433g (please forgive the error of pure manual measurement)

Box gauge: 62.5 * 62.5 * 56.5CM 36/box

Color box packaging size: 30 * 10 * 18cm

Wall Climbing Old Man

Size: wall 21 * 12.5cm, old man 19.8cm high

Weight: 410g (including color box)

Box gauge: 52.5 * 52.5 * 69CM, 48 pieces per box

Usage: After installing the battery, Santa Claus will climb the ladder with music.



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