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AFINMEX™ Binding machine

AFINMEX™ Binding machine

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Package Included:
1PC random color sealing machine (not including battery)
Note: According to logistics and aviation security regulations, magnetic products cannot be transported by air, so the new sealing machine will not have magnetic stickers.
Material: ABS+PP
Size (length * width * height): 10cm x 4cm x 5cm
Color: random color
Simple, convenient to use and store, very suitable for family use. The magnet on the substrate can be attached to the metal surface.
how to use:
Before use, please press for 5 seconds to open the lid to preheat the item. You just slide it along the edge of any bag and it will be sealed.
Please insert 2 AA batteries (not included) and the "+" and "-" marks can be seen, and make sure the batteries are facing the correct direction.
Perfectly maintain freshness
Perfectly reseal unused food, snacks, seasonings and ingredients in plastic bags.
Working principle
Heat the plastic bag to melt. After inserting the battery, please press for 5 seconds to preheat the sealing machine before use.
Easy to use
Heating head material: ceramic
Battery: 2 AA batteries (not included)
Dimensions (length * width * height): 10cm x 3.7cm x 4.5cm (approximately)
how to use
1. Open the battery cover, insert 2 AA batteries (not included), you can see the "+" and "-" marks, make sure the batteries are facing the correct direction.
2. Open the lock cover and preheat the body (press for 5 seconds).
3. Press the plastic bag and slowly move the sealing machine to seal.
4. After use, please pull up the safety lock cover and take out the battery. (Thin plastic bags may tear after being sealed, which is normal.)
Portable size
save space

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